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Where and How to Dock and Dine in San Diego

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Learn where to take your boat for easy restaurant access
San Diego Skyline Dock and Dine

revised August 2023

Dock and Dine in San Diego

Pulling up to a restaurant and docking your boat for a night makes for an exceptional experience, especially in San Diego which has minimal rain and is great for boating year-round. The below locations are broken down into a few major boating locations and a map can be found at the bottom. Locations are ordered by popularity and restaurants from north to south. Some of the docks can get crowded and in those scenarios, you can never have enough fenders!

San Diego Bay

This is the main portion of San Diego Bay and the highest concentration of marinas. You can find many options for docking your boat and dining at nearby restaurants. It can get busy, so getting there before prime eating times is highly encouraged. Many places do not take reservations, but there are a few who do and some that will be able to tell you how crowded the docks are before attempting to go there.

South San Diego Bay

This is the furthest south you can go in San Diego Bay and much quieter than the north part of San Diego Bay. There is no outlet as the bay is closed by the silver strand on Coronado. There tends to be less traffic and sometimes easier to find an open slip to dock and dine. Be careful to stay in the channel markers as it shallows fairly quickly and some areas are exposed at low tide.

Mission Bay

Once you get into Mission Bay, you will notice lots of smaller craft traffic as it's a popular place to rent jet skis and other smaller watercraft. There is a scattering of marinas and it's a great place to anchor and go to the beach on Fiesta Island. Options are limited for dock and dine.


This is one of the smaller boating locations in the city of Oceanside, in Camp Pendleton. Access is restricted to active duty/retired military or DoD civilians. There are great restaurants there and plenty of activities and rentals. There are multiple great places within Oceanside Harbor for docking and dining. So grab a baja bucket at Rockin' Baja Lobster, catch the game on at Tony's and enjoy a bloody mary, visit Stratford for an amazing french toast, some fish and chips at Harbor, or class it up at Oceanside Broiler.

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