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Types of Charters and Events for Boat Rentals

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Various Kinds of Charters For Specific Events

Outside of the unique location of your boat rental, a day out on the water can be perfect for celebrating a variety of events and parties. A yacht can be the main focal point of your special event or one part of your larger celebration. Either way, it will make for creating unforgettable memories. Artizia Yachts' concierge can coordinate decorations, signage, experiences, food menus, and cocktail selections for your personal event.

Birthday, Anniversary, or Graduation

Birthday celebration on a private boat

Grab your closest friends and family to celebrate another year in the books. It doesn't have to be a major birthday or anniversary to celebrate in style. Even a 'friendiversary' deserves a luxurious setting with perfect views. Grade school, middle school, high school, college, graduate school, and even pre-school milestones are enough to warrant a party on a private yacht charter.

Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette and bachelor party on a yacht

Bidding farewell to a close friend or sibling with one last time out... I mean welcoming someone new to your family or group? Get away on a private yacht for a sunset cocktail cruise, day lounging in the water, or weekend trip to another destination all while staying on your own private boat.

Bridal or Baby Shower

Bridal and baby shower on a boat

Make the yacht your own space through custom decorations for your bridal or baby shower. Make it part of an all-day celebration by starting the day with a cruise along the coast or end a day of events with a champagne toast and appetizers while taking in the sunset.

Engagement, Wedding, or Elopement

Yacht wedding and elopement

Looking for the best backdrop to pop the big question, hold an intimate wedding, or a quick elopement? Nothing is more private than a yacht event with the destination and background of your choosing. Bring along a violinist or pianist for setting the ambiance and when it's all over, retreat to your private stateroom to unwind and relax.

Honeymoon or Babymoon

Beach dining from your yacht

Get away from it all on your own boat to celebrate your honeymoon in style. Spend a day anchored and enjoying the water with jet skis, water pads, lounges, slides, and other water toys. Then cruise over to a secluded beach to enjoy lounging on the sand or an intimate dinner on the beach watching the sunset.

Cocktail Hour

San Diego on the water during sunset

A perfect way to end the day or finish up your week is to get away on a yacht to take in the coastline scenery or the skyline at night. Enjoy curated cocktails and food with some of your friends and family or enjoy your cocktails and then get dropped off at a restaurant for a one-of-a-kind dock and dine experience.

Brunch or Dinner Cruise

Reserve your private yacht to enjoy brunch on the water with an amazing view or bring a private chef to create the perfect food for an intimate dinner gathering. Pair your brunch or dinner with a wine tasting event or bring along a sommelier to go along with your private chef.

Photo, Video, and Media Shoot

Capture all of the action from your event by bringing along a photographer to create memorable photos and videos. Or get the perfect aerial view or capture sea life with a drone. It doesn't matter if you're capturing personal memories or content for a video and photo production, a yacht is very photogenic.

Make Work Fun

Take your team out of the office for a truly off-site and remote working session or team-building event. Celebrate promotions, sales milestones, holidays, or host client and prospect meetings. Boat charters are a unique and personal way to show your team and clients how much you appreciate them.

And what is a great way to enjoy all of these activities? Sign up for an Artizia Yachts Membership in your area!

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