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Discover Unparalleled Freedom: Understanding the Artizia Yachts Membership Tiers

Artizia Yachts on the open seas

Imagine this - the cool wind on your face, the salty sea teasing your senses, and a landscape of infinite blue ocean meeting the sky at the horizon. Add to this picture, the luxurious setting of a private personal yacht, where your desires take precedence, and the journey becomes an experience tailored to your preferences. That's exactly the experience Artizia Yachts offers with our innovative yacht membership.

For many, owning a luxury yacht is seen as a far-off dream, often perceived as a privilege reserved for those with significant disposable income. The thought of investing in such an opulence can be daunting, given the high maintenance costs and the challenges of dealing with various aspects of boat ownership. It's worth noting that owning a yacht can represent a hefty financial commitment and is not always the most economically efficient route to enjoy the luxury yachting experience.

Enter Artizia Yachts - revolutionizing the yacht charter and ownership industry by introducing an unprecedented membership model. We're making the dream of luxury yachting an accessible reality for many. With Artizia Yachts, you can enjoy an exclusive high-end luxury yacht, replete with world-class amenities, without the associated hassles and exorbitant costs.

Distinguishing Artizia Yachts from Other Charters

Artizia Yachts stands tall and different from other charters by offering a membership-driven luxury yacht experience. Our model is designed to deliver an unrivaled experience, with a strong emphasis on personalized concierge services. As a member, you get to enjoy a luxury yacht experience without the economic commitments associated with boat ownership. You make each experience your own unique private yacht.

Contrasting this with traditional models

Boat clubs often fail to provide premier yachts or all-inclusive ownership experiences.

Private charters can involve high costs, unanticipated additional fees, and may require significant coordination. The product and quality of service can also be variable.

Boat ownership, on the other hand, necessitates high upfront costs, regular maintenance, and often leaves the yacht unused for extended periods.

Artizia Yachts: Our Membership Tiers

Artizia Yachts presents three exclusive and limited membership options. Each membership comes with all-inclusive charters annually, sparing you from any additional costs for fuel, captain, crew, bartender, and food & beverages. The Artizia Yachts Concierge will coordinate any additional needs or add-ons to ensure a seamless yacht experience tailored to you.

Executive Membership: Tailored for the true connoisseurs of luxury yachting, this is limited to just five members. It includes 80 charter hours annually, with all-inclusive services and 12-months priority booking.

VIP Membership: This tier is designed for the discerning yacht enthusiasts, limited to 12 members. It offers 32 charter hours each year with all-inclusive services and 6-months priority booking.

Platinum Membership: This tier is perfect for those looking to dip their toes into the world of luxury yachting. Limited to 18 members, it offers 8 charter hours annually, complete with all-inclusive services and 4-months priority booking.

Understanding the Included Membership Hours

Artizia Yachts offers two booking slots each day - 10am to 2pm and 4pm to 8pm. If you wish to book the yacht for the entire day, simply reserve both slots for the desired day. Full-day or evening reservations offer you and your guests the opportunity to stay aboard overnight.

For instance, if you plan a three-day trip to Catalina Island, your membership hours will only be deducted by 18 hours, thanks to the multi-day discount of 25%. An overnight fee, based on your membership level, will also apply.

All-Inclusive Membership Benefits

Artizia Yachts membership includes all the key services for a hassle-free yacht chartering experience. This includes a USCG certified Captain, professional crew, a bartender, food, beverages, fuel, and all port fees. We make arranging a day, weekend, or week out extremely easy, removing the complexity of calculating costs. All members receive access to an Artizia Yachts Concierge to assist with any requests, ensuring a truly personalized yachting experience.

Embrace the Artizia Yachts experience and explore the world on your terms. Charter a luxury yacht and witness the art of sea voyaging in an entirely new light. Enroll in our membership today, and let the sea set you free!

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